Sobre mí

My name is Madeline Hill-Velez. I graduated from Fort Lewis College with a Bachelors concentrating in Public Health, and minoring in Spanish. As of April 23, 2017, I happily married my best friend; and can officially say I am married to a US Marine! This page is one of my few attempts in staying creative; and other than my very dusty diary, this is the only attempt in writing. Other than that I am just your average human who is just trying to live and experience what life has to offer!

(A Few) Things I that enjoy doing:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Traveling
  • Going to the beach
  • Shopping
  • Adventuring and Exploring
  • Cooking
  • Learning
  • Being around animals

1 thought on “Sobre mí

  1. Welcome to the path many of us are traveling. You have been so isolated in school and 2 jobs ,there hasn’t been time to breathe, think and explore . You have just begun to really look up .Be patient, much to come. You are awesome ,stronger than you know. Most of all loved


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